Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy
All reservations booked through Estes Valley Vacation Rentals' direct booking website will be subject to a guest friendly cancellation policy.
All bookings canceled at least 10 days prior to the check-in date will receive a full 100% refund, less the 3.5% original processing fee.
If canceled within the 10 day check-in window, guests will receive a 50% refund, less the original 3.5% processing fee.
If canceled after check-in, guests will receive 50% for all unspent nights, less the cleaning fee.
Thank you for your understanding.

Important Property Information and Conditions
We would like to bring to your attention the following important details before booking your stay with us in Estes Park: 

♦ Taxes and Additional Fees: Please note that the quoted nightly rates on our booking site do not include taxes and additional fees. 
Check-In and Check-Out Times: Check-in time is scheduled for after 4:00 PM, and check-out is expected before 10:00 AM. 
Non-Smoking Policy: All properties in our portfolio are designated as non-smoking properties. Any violation will result in an $950 additional cleaning fee applied to your form of payment and immediate removal from the property without refund or other compensations. Thank you. 
Occupancy Limits: It is imperative to adhere to the state law regarding occupancy limits for each property. Please do not exceed the maximum occupancy level specified, which includes infants and children. 
Vehicle Allowance: We kindly request that no more than 3 vehicles be brought to the property, encompassing both provided parking spaces and nearby on-street parking zones. Note: Some properties do not allow for on-street parking. 
Dark Skies and Quiet Night Regulations: Estes Park is designated as a "Dark Skies Community and Quiet Night" locale. To preserve the tranquility of the area, amplified or loud noises and exterior lighting (with the exception of security lights) are not permitted after 9:30 PM. 
Compliance with Regulations: It is important to acknowledge that any violations of occupancy, parking, noise, or light regulations may result in immediate eviction from the premises. In such cases, refunds or other compensations will NOT be provided. 
Wildlife Safety: Please exercise caution and maintain a safe distance from the local wildlife. Bears, elk, and mountain lions are frequently encountered in the area and can pose significant danger. Ensure that you take reasonable precautions to enjoy their presence from a safe distance. 

We sincerely appreciate your attention to these guidelines and regulations, as they are vital to ensuring a positive and safe experience during your stay. Should you have any queries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.